Pizza cake: A new birthday wish for pizza lovers

If you’re a pizza aficionado, then you may have just have found your dream birthday cake.

Boston Pizza , a Canadian-based restaurant, has introduced the new "pizza cake".

The multi-layered creation has not yet been released, but may be destined to become a major hit at Canadian birthday parties soon.

“Just in time for playoff season, we’re introducing our greatest pizza innovations yet,” said Joanne Forrester, vice president of marketing for Boston Pizza.

Boston Pizza has launched a website "Pizza Game Changers " where they present their latest pizza innovations and allow patrons to vote on the innovation they would like see released by the company.

Among the new pizza innovations listed are pizza mints, a gas-powered pizza cutter, the pizza cheese clipper and of course the pizza cake.

The pizza cake currently leads the pack, garnering five times more votes than any other product.

The most popular innovations will be released to the market and made available to the public, Boston Pizza said.

The company recently released the "pizza taco" made out of pizza dough, chipotle chicken, bacon, pizza sauce and mozzarella.

If you would like to try one of the new Boston Pizza creations you’ll have to travel to Canada as there are no Boston Pizza locations in the United States at this time. 

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