5 lies not to buy when shopping for a new television

There are some common phrases you might hear when you’re out and about shopping. They’re things that other people say or salesmen tell you, but are they really true? Consumer Reports says to be careful.

#1: “To get the best picture, you need a new LED set.” That is not true. CR says LEDs are just LCDs with a different kind of backlighting. Most new LCD TVs have LED backlights.

#2: “You really should spring for the extended warranty.” Nope. Most major brands for TVs are pretty reliable according to CR. Survey data showed only 4 percent of sets required repairs.

#3: “This TV is million-to-one contrast ratio will blow you away.” That’s a bogus stat that was whipped up by TV makers to catch your attention, says CR. There are many ways to measure contrast so you are probably not comparing apples to apples anyway.

#4: “You need a high refresh rate.” Don’t fall for that line. CR says 120Hz or 240Hz might give you less blurring than a 60Hz but only if it’s implemented well. CR tests show some 60Hz sets are just as good for action on the screen.

#5: “That cheap HDMI cable won’t give you nearly the same picture quality as this $100 one.” You can easily get a good HDMI cable for $6 and receive the same quality picture as more expensive versions. Look for cables labeled “high-speed” or “Category 2” because any of those can give you top-quality 1080p, 3D and even UltraHD video.

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