2-inch feather emerges from Kansas girl Mya Whittington's neck

HUTCHINSON, KS - A 7-month-old Kansas girl is recovering after doctors removed a 2-inch feather from her neck.

Doctors say they may never know how the feather ended up poking out through Mya Whittington's skin, but guess she either inhaled or swallowed it and it began to come out the side of her neck, according to ABCNews.com .

Mya's mother first noticed the side of the toddler's neck had started to swell and considered taking her to the emergency room.

Her parents decided to wait but on Sunday they noticed Mya's neck had doubled in size and there was something that looked like a pimple on the end of it.

Mya was admitted to a hospital near the family's Hutchinson, Kansas home where doctors believed she had a staph infection of her lymph nodes.

When they tried to drain the bump, nothing came out, but hours later parents Emma and Aaron noticed what looked like a half-inch string protruding from Mya's neck.

The pediatrician gloved up and pulled out the 2-inch feather from the little girl's neck.

Mya's dad said the doctor's best guess is that the feather got lodged in Mya's throat somewhere and her body just started to reject it and force it out through her neck.

Mya is almost 100 percent recovered, according to her dad.

Doctors say she doesn't need surgery and will heal on her own.

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