Zeke the cat calls 911 from Cat Depot animal rescue facility in Florida

SARASOTA, FL - There's an old saying, curiosity killed the cat. In Zeke's case, curiosity didn't kill him, but it did result in a call to emergency dispatchers.

On Monday afternoon, 911 operators received a call from Cat Depot, a Florida animal rescue.

Dispatchers didn't hear anything but dial tones on the other end, so a minute later, the dispatcher called the number back.

"We just got a call at 911 from this phone. Does someone there have an emergency?"

"I don't think so, let me check, this is Cat Depot," said Lynn Racies, a Cat Depot employee who had just returned from lunch.

"Terry, who works for me, noticed my extension was lit, knowing I was not in the office I thought, 'well that's odd,' came into my office to check and found Zeke lying by the phone with the phone off the hook, sprawled across the key pad on the phone."

That's when she put two and two together.

"We were like, 'oh my gosh, we think Zeke called 911.'"

This isn't the first time the 3-year-old feline has been a bit mischievous.

"He has been known to press buttons on the phone before. He has hung up on my callers when I'm talking. He has pressed the buttons and dialed an outside line," said Racies.

"I think he's probably bored and is looking for things to do," Racies said.

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