YouTube pranksters terrify victims with 'killer clown' attacks (Videos)

A group of pranksters on YouTube have a series of clown videos, but these jokes aren't child's play.

The group known as DmPranksProductions teases unsuspecting strangers with a "killer clown" costume in several videos that take place in parks, parking garages and everywhere in between.

The victims are followed by a clown wielding a flamethrower, a giant sledge hammer and other miscellaneous props, and it's pretty obvious that some of these people get pretty scared.

Watch the videos below.

According to the YouTube channel, Diego and Matteo, the guys in charge of the pranks, have various other videos. Some are less scary, like seeing what happens if you put a hat on a stranger, and some mimic real-life situations, like how people react after seeing an accident or missing child.

Don't worry though- the pranksters are sure to follow safety procedures and let officials know what they're planning.

They also said in a statement on their channel that in the flamethrower "psycho" prank, they didn't use a real flamethrower so the victims really had nothing to worry about to begin with...right?

What would you do?




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