Would you try it? Eat five pints of organic ice cream to lose weight on three-day detox cleanse

VENICE, CA - Step aside juice cleanses, a better, sweeter detox is in town!

If you're looking to lose a few pounds and reboot your system, try eating ice cream for a few days...seriously. 

Kippy's Ice Cream , a special detoxifying recipe of organic ice cream, is making headlines for its strange and oddly enticing claims.

Creator Kippy Miller described the product as "super-food ice cream" on Good Morning America Monday. 


Coconut-based raw fats, raw honey, living enzymes, vitamins, and organic fruit are among the healthy ingredients in the ice cream and you have to eat five pints a day on the cleanse.

Rachel Beller, a nutritionist, told Good Morning America that, although healthier than normal ice cream, has limited nutrients and a lot of raw honey.

Miller says that the ice cream diet isn't meant to be lived off forever, but when eaten for a few days will rebalance your body and flush toxins.

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A health and fitness writer for Gizmodo who tried the ice cream detox said he lost about six pounds, but gained it back very quickly. Unlike his experiences with other detoxes though, he said he had a good amount of energy.

The ice cream comes in different flavors, each for different times a day, and like the nutritionist on Good Morning America said, it's very high in fat.

"In terms of recommended daily allowance, we're looking at 280 percent of your RDA for total fat and...get ready for this...820 percent of your RDA for saturated fat. Eight-hundred-and-twenty!" the detox-tester states .

The ice cream reportedly sells for about $240 for a three-day supply. To read more about the detox-tester's journey and experience, click here.

Would you try it? If you aren't down for the detox, you can still stop by Kippy's Ice Cream Shop in Venice, Calif. for a quick snack.

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