Woman eaten by vultures after 1,000 foot fall

Vultures devoured the remains of a woman who died after falling 1,000 feet to her death in the Pyrenees mountain range in Southwest Europe.

Rescue workers attempted to retrieve her body, but the carrion eaters got to it first and left only the woman's bones, clothes and shoes for burial, reports the Daily Mail.

The woman was reportedly taking a short cut while walking with two friends when she slipped and fell down a 1,000 foot slope. Rescue workers believe she died from the fall.

Locals are demanding authorities take action against the endangered birds after the Griffon vultures have begun to prey on livestock. A recent European edict required farmers to burn dead animals rather than leave them in the fields, which deprived the vultures of their typical meals.

Farmers want to be given the right to shoot the protected birds.

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