When will Arizona see hottest temperatures of the summer?

PHOENIX - Valley residents have been feeling the heat for some time now, but when will we see our hottest day of the summer?

The National Climatic Data Center released a map showing expected dates for when states around the country will see their hottest day of the season. By looking at the 30-year average high temperature every day in the U.S., scientists could pinpoint an estimate as to when the highest maximum temperature in an area would normally peak. 

Monsoons from July to September in Arizona and New Mexico typically mean our states see their warmest days in June, whereas most temperatures in the U.S. tend to increase through the month of July. 

So when exactly will we be topping out on the thermometer?

Those in the southeast corner of the state can expect to feel the heat between now and June 30. Valley residents and others across central Arizona will experience the warmest weather between July 6 and 10, and those in the northwest corner can expect the highest temps between July 16 and 20. 

Based on the map, Texas may be the only state with the widest range of temperature highs. Some areas in the region are expected to reach their boiling point in June while other areas will in August. 

The map is an indicator for the average hottest day, but temperatures could vary this year because of new weather and climate patterns. 


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