What was YOUR 1st tweet? Twitter celebrates its 8th birthday

Do you remember your first tweet? Was it serious or funny? Shy or bold?

With Twitter turning eight, the company has shared a way for anyone to find their own first tweet, or to look up the first tweet of other users.

The special site has taken the networking site by storm, Daily Mail online reports.

Check out the first message ever sent out by founder Jack Dorsey in 2006:

Oprah Winfrey sent out a live tweet on her show, according to Daily Mail online.

NASCAR fan? Check out Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s first message, only posted a month ago.

Katie Perry is the most popular, with 51.3 million followers. 

So, ready to check out your masterpiece? Just click on the following link, type in the @username, be it yours or your favorite actor, athlete or musician, and enjoy the blast to the past.


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