Washington man reels in record-breaking rockfish estimated to be around 200 years old

SITKA, AK - A Washington man reeled in a fish that is estimated to be over 200 years old, ABC News reported .

June 21, Henry Liebman was fishing 10 miles off the coast of Sitka, Alaska when he, unexpectedly hooked the record-breaking 39.8 pound fish.

According to Julie Speegle, a public affairs officer for the National Marine Fisheries Service, it is the largest fish caught by recreational fishing in Alaska and has set a new state record.

Rockfish dwell deep in the ocean and, according to Liebman, aren't typically targeted.

However, this real estate developer from Seattle specifically set out to catch one according to the report .

Like trees, the rockfish's age is calculated by counting rings found in its ear bone.

Later this week, scientists will analyze the rockfish to determine its exact age.


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