VIRAL VIDEO: Bear spotted walking upright in New Jersey

NEW JERSEY - Sightings of a bear walking on its hind two legs like a human is generating a lot of buzz on social media.

22-year-old New Jersey resident Ian Bohman captured video of the bear Monday morning walking around his neighborhood.

“I was walking out to my car and turned the corner and there it was just walking straight up the street,” Bohman told ABC News. “It stopped and looked at me and I pulled out my cell phone and it kept walking.”

Bohman posted the video on YouTube where it has already been viewed more than 760,000 times.

An expert told ABC News, the bear is likely walking upright because it's hurt.

Several people think the video looks too real and might be a hoax.

Officials are asking more people to send in more pictures so they can figure out what happened to the bear and help it recover.

See video for yourself below:

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