VIDEO: Woman takes selfies for seven years to document life, hair-pulling disorder

A woman's selfie montage has reached more than five million views in just over one month, but she didn't take photos of herself for the reason you'd think.

Rebecca Brown took a picture of herself each day for seven years. She wanted to document her growth and, soon after, her life as she battled against a disorder that caused her to pull out her own hair.

Throughout her teenage years, up until the time she turned 21, the montage shows her through her struggles and coming out of "that darkness," which she said Monday on "Good Morning America " was "pretty scary."

You can see during the four-minute video how she changes physically and emotionally through different smiles, wigs, hairstyles and surroundings.

Still, the documentation of her life has helped her understand herself and gives her hope that if she battles depression again in her lifetime, that it is possible to get better and feel OK again.

Brown told GMA that at first, she knew she had always been depressed and didn't know the hair-pulling disorder existed, but that she would always play with her hair.

According to Brown, there is very little research on the disorder and she doesn't exactly know when or how the condition began.

According to Mayo Clinic , the hair-pulling disorder, known as trichotillomania, can differ in severity in different people.

Individuals suffering from the disorder often feel a sense of relief after pulling and scratching at their hair, but it can also lead to nail and lip biting, eating hair balls, pulling hair and fibers from pets and objects, as well as other things.

In childhood, boys and girls both suffer from the disorder, but as they age, more women tend to be diagnosed with the condition, Mayo Clinic says.

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