VIDEO: Russian camera captures motorcycle fight with car that ends in a proposal

A Russian video camera captured a scary scene of motorcyclists surrounding a vehicle, then starting a fight with a man in the car.

One of the angry bikers flips up his helmet visor, appears to intimidate the driver and pushes him onto the hood of the car. The entire ordeal goes down in a lane of traffic while other motorcyclists stand around and watch.

Meanwhile, the man's girlfriend is seen in the passenger seat waiting to see the fight between the motorcyclists and her boyfriend escalate.

After more than 30 seconds of waiting in the car, she is seen getting out of the vehicle to help, but the fight continues for a short time later.

She's in for a surprise, though.

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The menacing motorcycle gang is soon an audience for a strange marriage proposal. One of them even hands her a bouquet of flowers from the trunk of their car.

The newly engaged woman is clearly overwhelmed, but luckily this fight probably turned into the best day she's had in a long time.

Would you be upset or is this a clever marriage proposal idea?

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