VIDEO: Organization puts tobacco blame on celebrities, asks them to stop posting photos

Tobacco companies are controversial and your favorite celebrities are making them big bucks.

TruthOrange, a stop-smoking organization's channel on YouTube , is aimed toward ending smoking once and for all, recently released a video putting stars on the chopping block.

Are you a fan of Orlando Bloom? Rihanna? Chris Brown? Lindsay Lohan? Lana del Rey? Anyone else?

"They're the new face of Big Tobacco and they don't even know it," TruthOrange says of them on YouTube.

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The campaign shows that whenever a big-time celebrity lights one up, tobacco companies are getting the extra-- and free--advertising.

The TruthOrange video is asking celebrities to stop posting trendy photos of themselves smoking, because as more people look up to them, more people will want to do what they do, of course. 

The organization's big goal is to "arm everyone – smokers and non-smokers – with the tools to make change," their website says.

Watch the video campaign below:

Those who have already watched the video since it was posted Sunday are giving it mixed reviews.

Some are condemning the video for advertising the celebrities, therefore giving them even more attention than the photos that were originally posted.

Others believe the public is still putting more blame on better-for-you smoking alternatives than real cigarettes, while others see them as unhealthy equals.

"If you wanna stop smoking, stop talking about it.," one YouTube commenter said.

Do you think it's fair to put part of the blame on smoking stars?

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