VIDEO: Arizona children sing anti-SB1062 message to music of Disney's 'Frozen'

One Arizona family is using its musical talents to convey their feelings about SB1062.

In the clearly off-the-cuff video posted to the family's blog called momontour, three children can be seen singing various anti-SB1062 sentiments cleverly synced to the popular song "Let It Go" from Disney's "Frozen."

"Just say no. Just say no/Can't hold it back anymore/Just say no. Just say no./Turn away and slam the door/We don't care what you're going to say/Don't let the storm rage on/The gays never bothered you anyway."

In a post titled "Laramie, AZ" posted on Feb. 20, the female writer says the Arizona government has "officially lost their minds" in the passing of SB1062.

"If we sit back and do nothing, are we any better than the people who watched slavery, Indian relocation, or the Holocaust and said “there’s nothing I can do?” And who or what will be targeted next here in AZ? People who have birth defects, are obese or are handicapped in some way make people uncomfortable, right?" the writer continues.

Even more interesting, according to the blog, is one of the children was recently cast in the musical tour, "The Addams Family."

The question remains: a clever PR tactic, a sincere political message or both?

Whichever it is ... it worked. We wrote about it.

Check out the clip for yourself below (for mobile users: ).

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