Valley city is named one of the most honest

TEMPE, AZ - Tempe is only 92 percent honest.

That's according to a for-fun honesty study done by Honest Tea Company.

Honest Tea put 50 unmanned kiosks in 30 cities across the country stocked with bottles of their organic tea.

The kiosks told customers they could take a bottle of tea if they gave $1 each using the honor system.

On average, the company found Americans were honest 93 percent of the time. The top three honest cities were Boulder at 99 percent and Salt Lake City and Oakland tying for first place at 100 percent.

The least honest cities were Charlotte, Miami and Los Angeles.

In Tempe, bald men were only 60 percent honest.

In general women were 95 percent honest compared to 91 percent of men.

People with gray hair were the most honest, while in general bald men were the least honest at 85 percent. Redheads were more honest than blondes and brunettes.

Honest Tea admits their honesty index is hardly scientific (after all their sampling size is no more sophisticated than collecting people who happen to be nearby and thirsty).

"Though our experiment might not pass muster with a social scientist, the results present fascinating and fun insights about the American population," Seth Goldman, president and TeaEO of Honest Tea said.

Honest Tea said they will donate the proceeds of the experiment to an AmericCorps program.

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