Two-toned chimera cat with multi-colored face is an internet sensation

She looks like something out of a story book, but she's a real-life pet!

Venus the cat has been getting even more attention after the internet saw her gorgeous face a few years ago.

And off course the internet community loves everything cats, but this one is extra special. See for yourself:


According to Good Morning America, where she was featured live Tuesday morning, this unique feline was found in 2009 as a stray on a farm.

She was born with a two-toned face, so nothing was done with her to make her look this way.

How does it happen?

Venus is known as a "chimera cat," meaning that they are born from two genetically different cells, or two merging fertilized eggs.

When this happens, the organism can end up with two different blood types, different sexual organs or they can simply look like two separate individuals in one- which is the case for Venus. 

The term "chimera" came from a Greek term used long ago describing a monster made of different animal parts, somewhat like a centaur, according to an article titled "Which Half is My Mommy?"

Still some are hesitant to believe that Venus is a true chimera cat. Instead, she could simply have differing chromosomes and genetic mutations, as National Geographic states.

Regardless of what makes Venus so unique and beautiful, over 200,000 people have subscribed to her Facebook page to keep up with the cat.


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