Tips on how to improve your sex life with food

It may be taboo to talk about during the day, but at night it's a whole different ball game.

ABC15 talked with Dr. Al Borhan to find out what items in the kitchen can spice up bedroom romance.

For those who are too embarrassed to read the rest of the article, the doctor simply suggests, "the shinier the vegetable or fruit, the better it is for you."

For the rest of us, Borhan suggests pumpkin seeds and oysters to increase testosterone and says that testosterone production is not only important in men but also, surprisingly, in women.

To get your heart pumping, foods like chilies increase blood flow throughout your body. Borhan says these foods will, "tell your loved one that you are ready to go and be generous."

If you can't handle the heat, spice it up with saffron, ginger, or garlic. Why wait for the mistletoe during the winter season?

The ingredients to a romantic bedroom scene are just half the battle. It's not just what you eat, but how you eat it.

"If you want to think of it as an experience, buying the basil plant and using it to cook with your loved one having the aroma of the basil, that's a romantic event," Borhan says.

A few other foods to try are:

Fish Oil
Dark Chocolate

Along with cooking and eating, Borhan suggests a healthy 8 hours of sleep and exercise. For a complete list of foods to boost your libido visit .

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