Thousands of Australians get scam hitman text to pay $5000 or be killed

Thousands of Australians received text messages telling them to pay $5,000 in two days or be killed, according to Australian police agencies.

The messenger poses as a hitman who will spare the victim's life if they pay up, CNN reports.

Police sent out alerts Monday warning that the texts are scams and not to respond.

The predatory message reads, "Sum1 paid me to kill you, get spared, 48 hours to pay $5000. If you inform the Police or anybody, death is promised…Email me now…"

Citizens started receiving the threat on their mobile phones and email accounts Sunday, and while the exact number of victims has not been provided, authorities said they are stunned at the reach of the scam.

Seniors and people unfamiliar with the internet are most susceptible to the scam, police said.

The scam is considered an organized crime where the criminals rely on people's fear. The hit-man scam has previously struck Australia twice over the last two years.  

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