'The List' offers experts' eight tips for spring cleaning

CLEVELAND - Dust bunnies be gone! We're sharing some spring cleaning shortcuts from the experts.


The DO'S:

1. Before breaking a sweat, make sure you have the right supplies.

"Glass cleaner, white vinegar and dish soap," said Natalie Arnold,  The Maids .

Glass cleaner gives a great shine, while the white vinegar helps disinfect floors and gets stains out of carpet.

2. One great tip from the experts, don't be afraid to take the dish soap away from the sink.  

It works great in other parts of the house. You can use it, as is, on countertops, inside the microwave, and in the bathroom to tackle soap scum.

"It works real well, and also on shower doors," added Arnold.

3. You can tackle dusting like a pro, without using towels.

"You can use dryer sheets and it picks up dust the best," said Arnold.

4. Also, the best disinfectant for your bathroom can be found in your medicine cabinet.

"Instead of using more expensive chemicals you can just use peroxide and it works the same as bleach," said Arnold.

5. As for often overlooked areas when spring cleaning - baseboards, ceiling fans, and ledges top the list.

"That's actually what we notice the most when we go to homes," said Arnold.

Of course, if you don't want to put in the elbow grease yourself, Natalie and her crew will be more than happy to help.

The DON'T'S:

We've armed you with some cleaning ammunition, but there are some common mistakes to avoid.

1. Good Housekeeping  says not getting organized is number one. Write down a game plan and stick with it.

2. Second, don't do it all yourself. Delegate simple cleaning tasks to your kids.

3. And finally, don't use the wrong tools.

Shorten spring cleaning time by stocking up on three must-haves: microfiber cloths, a steam extension wand, and a vacuum with attachments.

The complete list of spring cleaning mistakes is on Mike Brookbank's Facebook page .

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