The List: Alcoholic beverages designed after 'Downton Abbey,' 'Breaking Bad' and 'Game of Thrones'

As featuring on The List , popular TV shows like "Downton Abbey," "Breaking Bad" and "Game of Throne"s are bottling up their own alcoholic beverages.

"Downton Abbey" recently announced a new Bordeaux designed to evoke the essence of British aristocracy. Officials say that the wine will be made from "grapes grown on the same vines and from the same soil as the era depicted in Downton Abbey." 

The drama television series is not the first to propose a specialty drink.

Last week on Instagram, "Breaking Bad" disclosed their upcoming tribute beer designed by Ted Rice, a brew master for Marble Brewery .

Even earlier this year, "Game of Thrones" deputed their show-inspired ale, which sold out in days. They plan on releasing a second stout this fall.

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