Secrets to winning big at the casino

For most of us, winning at the casino is a Hollywood pipe dream -- unless you're Rhonda Howerton of Tulsa, Okla. She won $40,000 in two months.. . just on the slot machines.

"It's like they roll out the red carpet for you when you win," said Howerton. "It's awesome."

She says she always thinks positive, and it's that good attitude that author and self-proclaimed "slot guru" Earnest Cobb says landed him the big bucks.

"I'm sure that's why I hit the jackpot," said Cobb. "I mean it's not just because I'm handsome!"

Of the $10 million Cobb has collected over the years, he has given away $8 million of it. This high-rolling humanitarian believes being selfish is what is keeping gamblers from winning.

"I love being able to give money to people you don't know in hopes that they are going to win," said Cobb.

Thankfully, not all of Cobb's advice is so philanthropic. He reveals to us that he:

  • Always plays late at night
  • Frequents different machines
  • Always "max bets."

"Hit that 'max bet' button every time, so if you get into the bonus round, you're going to get the highest probable payout."

He's gotten a lot more than a penny for his thoughts, so maybe there is something to them.

In the meantime, casinos continue to bank on Rhonda's reasoning being your best bet.

"I really don't have a secret, I really have just gotten lucky."

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