Save the Children USA's sexy model campaign getting mixed reviews online

One YouTube video may change the way you think about how we gravitate toward  "sexy" content on the internet instead of the things that really matter.

The campaign featuring sexy men and women has continued to get a lot of mixed reviews after being posted online in May.

Save The Children USA posted the campaign to YouTube to send a message that conflicts and hardship around the world deserve more attention.

How did they bring attention to the fact that these things need attention?

They used eye-catching models to prove that there's a huge difference between the content that normally gets the clicks and comments online and the content that needs to be spread far and wide.

The video begins with sultry men and women talking about what's sexy and what desires you have, but then the tables make an awkward turn.

The models are forced to make a sexy-sounding statement about hundreds, thousands and millions of preventable deaths around the world.

"This is not a sexy statement. I felt bad," one of the models says.

The models end the video by stating that although it isn't sexy to hear attractive people saying unappealing things, you really should care about other events, too. 

"(This issue) deserves your attention," is the final message in the video.

Despite the strong reactions from the models, viewers and internet users have mixed feelings about what the ad is saying.

"What is the point of getting people to say this in a 'sexy voice'? Just give the message," one YouTube user commented.
Others said the ad seemed to make the issue a joke and made models look desperate for jobs, but some also had good things to say about the video.
"This vid is great for showing us in the West how totally obsessed we are by the irrelevant and how totally underobsessed we are by the absolutely relevant," another user said.
The organization that created the campaign is dedicated to helping children and families around the world who are in need or help following crises.
What do you think of the video?
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