Santa Fe teacher drags blind student down hallway, put on administrative leave

SANTA FE, NM - Surveillance video showing a teacher dragging a 6-year-old blind student down the hall at a Santa Fe school has gone viral after the teacher was placed on administrative leave, according to a Monday report .

In the video on , a teacher grabs the blind student by the ankles and starts to drag him down the hallway when a second teacher takes the boy by the other leg and continues to pull him down the hall. The video shows a third person standing by and watching.

According to KOB, the special education teacher, who police and the school have not identified, told police the boy did not want to move to another classroom, so she dragged him to take him there.

Police told KOB they do not think the teacher was trying to intentionally harm the child, but that the issue is her "blatant neglect for his safety."

Police said the boy complained his head hurt after being dragged, reported KOB.

According to the report, both teachers seen dragging the student in the video are facing child abuse charges. The witness who stood by could also face charges, KOB wrote.

Watch the surveillance video on

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