Rebecca Van Hooser sues Pantego police after breast implant bursts during arrest

A Texas woman is suing a police department after an officer caused her breast implant to burst during an arrest, according to a Friday report. said Rebecca Van Hooser was pulled over for a traffic violation last weekend when a Pantego police officer discovered she had a warrant for an unpaid speeding ticket.

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The officer allegedly threw Van Hooser against the car and pulled her arms behind her back.

The woman's attorney said this caused Van Hooser's breast implants to rupture, according to the article.

Van Hooser reportedly spent the night in jail.

The burst of the breast implant has led to health issues and the article said the woman has had to have surgeries, will undergo a partial mastectomy, a tissue transplant, and will need to get a new implant.

The town stands by their police officers, according to the article.  Read more on .

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