Rapper faked his own death? Warrant issued for Tim Dog's arrest

PHOENIX - An arrest warrant has been issued for supposedly-dead rapper Tim Dog, who is accused of faking his death to avoid paying a woman $19,000.

Tim Dog, born Timothy Blair, reportedly died in February from complications arising from diabetes, The Guardian reported. However, Mississippi has issued a warrant for his arrest after a death certificate couldn't immediately be provided.

The case arose last week when a woman named Esther Pilgrim claimed that Blair faked his death because he owed her $19,000 in court-ordered debts resulting from a grand larceny conviction.

Blair defrauded multiple women in an online dating scam, over which he was eventually charged.

Pilgrim sent a friend to Atlanta, where Blair reportedly died, to search for a death certificate. The friend wasn't able to find a death certificate, and even Blair's former producer cast doubt on the death, The Guardian reported.

Tim Dog was best known during the early 1990s for sparking the east coast/west coast rap battles.

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