Quench your adult tastebuds with these summer-inspired martinis

Thursday was National Martini Day and we've got a list of drinks that could suit you. We visited Bar Louie at Tempe Marketplace, to get their list of summer drinks. Some of them are martinis and some of them are not. But either way, they're perfect for summer.

The key to an outstanding drink? Keep it fresh. That means using real fruit juices and muddled fruit to bring out the best flavors and keep the drink lighter and syrup free.

Here's the list of Bar Louie summer drinks. Have a personal recipe? Share it!


VIDEO: Watch a video from The List to learn more about these drinks.


Coconut Mint Lemonade

SKYY coconut, fresh lemon,

pure cane syrup, coconut water, mint leaves


Berry Mojito

Cruzan Black Cherry, fresh blackberries

and strawberries, mint leaves,

pure cane syrup, sparkling water


Effen Good

Effen Cucumber, mint leaves,

lime juice, fresh-cut cucumber,

agave nectar


Dos Sauza

Sauza Blue Silver,

O3, fresh sour, lime,

float of Tres Generaciones Añejo


Strawberry Peach Bellini

SKYY Wild Strawberry, Prosecco,

white peach purée, pure cane syrup,

fresh raspberries


Ramblin' Rose


St. Germain, lime juice,

pure cane syrup, fresh raspberries,

egg white, mint


Watermelon Margarita

Patrón Silver,

Watermelon syrup, sour, fresh lime


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