'Prankvertising': Job applicants confronted with 'meteor strike'

The plan was simple and diabolical.

The people from technology company LG tricked out an office in Chile, putting one of their TVs where the window should be and wiring the room with hidden cameras.

Then they invited in unsuspecting job applicants who were then confronted with falling meteors.

The room goes dark, the victims grope around, then the lights come on and the stunt is revealed.

The ad was just posted on Monday and by Thursday morning it had well over 2 million hits on YouTube.

Some people aren't buying it, though, saying the "victims" are really actors.

LG wouldn't confirm nor deny the speculation.

It's just the latest ad known as "prankvertising," with advertisers scrambling to outdo one another with elaborate, arguably sadistic scenarios to grab the eye and go viral.

Pepsi disguised NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon and had him take a car salesman on a harrowing test drive.

And Nivea singled out people in a German airport, then plastered their faces on newspapers and TV screens saying they were wanted and dangerous. It was an ad for a new deodorant.

There are real risks here: what if someone has a heart attack?

What about the danger of alienating viewers?

Then there's the question of whether the ads even work? Do they translate into increased sales?

Is this funny, or dangerous? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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