Powerball simulator demonstrates long odds at winning lottery

PHOENIX - Ever wonder what your real chances are of winning the lottery?

This Powerball simulator will give you an idea of how unlikely you are to win the lottery.

It simulates a person buying two tickets each week and determines how often they would win each level of prize, from the $4 starting point all the way up to the $360 million jackpot.

The website says its purpose is not to help anyone win the lottery, but rather to demonstrate "the almost certain futility of spending money on lottery tickets."

The site adds that "the chances of winning a lottery jackpot during your lifetime are almost zero. This simulator lets you put this to the test without spending a single penny."

The average person, playing the lottery twice a week, should win the jackpot once every 1,684,841 years on average. It would take the simulator running at max speed for 20 days to hit the jackpot.

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