Pool, water safety tips from The Red Cross

With so many water activities and personal pools in Arizona, we're no stranger to drownings.

This Labor Day you may be heading out onto the lake or spending time near the pool with your family, so it's important to stay safe when you're around water.

The American Red Cross offers a few tips for everyday water safety, whether you're at a hotel, apartment or at your own home.

A ring buoy is found at every public pool, but it's also a good idea to have one of your own if you have a pool in your backyard. These buoys are intended to be thrown in to the pool so the person can grab on and be pulled to safety.

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Got a towel nearby? Chances are you do, and a towel can be used for much more than to just dry off. If someone needs help getting out of the water, throw one end of your towel in the water if you're close enough. You can easily pull the person in the water back to the side of the pool.

Another handy tool is a standard pool-cleaning device. By holding onto one end of the pole, you can reach a long distance into the pool to someone needing help.

If the person is unable to grab on to the pole or is unconscious, you can use the loop end to hook onto them.

While these tips are often some you don't think of, the most important way to prevent drownings is to be alert and know your limits. 

If you aren't a swimmer, don't get in the water and don't get past your comfort level.

Whether you have a child or an unexperienced adult in the water, make sure someone is always watching and has a plan in case something occurs.





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