Phoenix Zoo's orangutan Kasih picks Powerball numbers

PHOENIX - When it comes to picking the winning Powerball numbers, the Phoenix Zoo is turning to an orangutan.

Six-year-old Kasih hand selected what she thinks will be the $550 million dollar ticket.         

"I like to think maybe she does have a little insight into the numbers," zoo keeper Bob Keesecker said.

Kasih picked 21, 3, 29, 56, 50 and a Powerball of 24.

She has been right in the past when selecting the winner of Cardinals' football games. 

Powerball players were skeptical of Kasih's picks, but some think she could be on to something.

We won't know until later if she picked the numbers based on her animal instinct, or if she chose them by taste, because every ball ended up in her mouth.

If you chose to play, at 175 million to one, your chance of matching all six numbers is slim, and there's no monkey business about that.

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