Pave Pedicure: ‘A-Lister' beauty treatment created by Gilbert woman

GILBERT, AZ - In honor of the Oscars, there's a brand new beauty treatment in the Valley, fit for Hollywood royalty. It's called the Pave Pedicure and it was created right here in the Valley.

On Hollywood's biggest night, the red carpet oozes glitz and glam.  But, you don't have to go to LA to shine like a star.

"You can see how gorgeous this is," says Michelle Williams, who created it. "And it comes in 15 colors."

Historically, the only way to accomplish this service was to individually apply the rhinestones one by one.  It was a painstaking, pricey pedicure seen on stars like Beyonce, Kate Upton and Kate Moss.

"People were sitting in the chair for two hours and paying up to $200 per service.  I thought, there's got to be a better way to do this," Michelle says.

So this stay-at-home mom took a leap of faith, and a year-and-a-half later, she created the Pave Pedi.

"On this particular applique, there are 110 rhinestones," she points out.

Each Austrian crystal is individually affixed to the film, so the nail technician simply applies the adhesive to the nail, and that's it!

"They're not plastic like the stickers and they do last quite a while," she says.

About four weeks to be exact. Total price of this luxury pedicure --between $30 and $50.

"It's adorable on all 10 toes.  It just depends on what type of shoes you wear," Michelle says.

Right now, the Pave Pedi is offered exclusively at luxury spas like the Bellagio in Las Vegas and four salons in the Valley, including Studio C Beauty Lounge in Carefree.

"It's extremely popular," says Christie Rawson, "who doesn't want toes that look like disco balls?"

That's exactly what Michelle likes to hear.

"You don't want anyone telling you your baby's ugly, you want all good news," Michelle jokes. "So to be able to have an organization like the Bellagio be one of the first to take us on is like dream come true."

The Pave Pedicure is so new, you can only get it at a few locations in the Valley, including The Phoenician, The Agave in Kierland Westin, Sache, across from Fashion Square Mall, and Studio C Beauty Lounge in Carefree.

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