Page Springs Vineyard pairs fine wines and fast food on a budget

Welcome to wine country--a perfect blend of natural, beauty, flavorful vino-- and fast food?

"We were kind of taking more of a realistic stance as for what your average meal is," said Luke Bernard with  Page Springs Vineyards and Cellars.


1. Fried chicken-- a meal that appeals to the poor man's palette and pocketbook rather than an elitist appetite.

"People typically think chicken and we have Kentucky Fried Chicken here," Bernard said, "We paired it with a 100 percent viognier.  Acidity really cuts through richness and with fried chicken one of the main flavors is fried."

2. Instead of high priced steak, try pairing a Big Mac with a white viognier roussanne blend. 

"This wine compared to the first one is going to have more body its going to have more layers to it," Bernard said.  "But it also has a bit of this creaminess or this certain feel to the wine which matches up with that rich bold kind of 1000 island dressing."

Perhaps they should start selling wine at fast food restaurants? Imagine this:  "Yeah, I'll take a number one with a large merlot."

3. If you prefer to think outside the bun, try Taco Bell tacos with a red sangiovese.

"It has this fruitiness and this earthiness that matches up to the complexity of those tacos," Bernard said

Turns out the proteins in the meat pair well with tannins, which gives wine a dry taste.

The winemakers at Page Springs Vineyards and Cellars came up with the idea during their busy season known as crush.

"The winemakers here are working 15 to 20 hours a day and don't really have the time to eat maybe the healthiest or the more prepared foods," Bernard explained.

4. Finally, no fast food feast would be complete without a little "Pizza Pizza" and a petite sirah, a personal favorite.

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