Oscars 2014: What goes on behind the scenes on the red carpet

LOS ANGELES - Less than 24 hours until the 86th annual Academy Awards and there’s a lot of muscle that goes into the magic that is the Oscars… especially this year.

It wouldn’t be the Academy Awards without the famed red carpet. It’s about 500 feet long and right now is covered to keep it clean from the foot traffic and dry from the rain.

Sunday afternoon they’ll pull up the covering, vacuum and then more than 3,000 stars will walk the red carpet, bringing glitz and glam to the world famous awards show.

After all, this show is as much about fashion as it is about film.

In fact, the stars will be wearing gowns worth tens of thousands of dollars hoping to look their best in case they win one of the coveted statuettes.

Ever wondered just what the stars see as they walk the red carpet? On the left there are bleachers for a live audience and on the right side is where the media line up, hoping for that one perfect photo. Each reporter and photographer lining up, shoulder to shoulder.

So get a front row seat to the red carpet action starting at 5 p.m. on ABC15

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