Officials: Las Vegas hoarder, Kenneth Epstein, could be among worst hoarders ever


A Las Vegas hoarding situation might be one of the worst cases ever seen, according to a Tuesday report.

According to ABC News , 55-year-old Kenneth Epstein lives in a retirement community in a duplex that he inherited from his mother.

A city spokesman reportedly said complaints rolled in over time including reports of putrid odors and code enforcement would respond to the home.

While most hoarders leave pathways, Epstein could only move through the home by crawling on top of all the items, according to the article.

ABC News reported that Epstein's residence was completely filled and that he could only crawl over the tall piles to move around his home. Most of his belongings were reportedly infested with cockroaches, bed bugs and spiders.

According to the article, authorities also found nine dead cats, 33 living cats, and six refrigerators of decaying food. The meat had reportedly decayed so badly that it had liquefied.

Clean-up crews are in the process of cleaning out Epstein's home. Twenty-two truckloads of material have been taken from the residence., according to the report.

ABC News reported that he is complying with the help. Read more .

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