Octomom using her kids for cash? 'Roctuplets' release holiday single 'I'm Ready'

LOS ANGELES - Five of Octomom Nadya Suleman's 14 children recorded a holiday song that was released on iTunes and Amazon Saturday, according to ABC News

The new song has many people wondering if she is just using her children for some extra cash, but Suleman's rep told ABC News that the money will go towards a college trust for her 14 children. 

ABC News reported that the song is titled, "I'm Ready", and it is written by rapper Romeo Holloway, and features the "Roctuplets" singing about the upcoming holiday. 

The song reportedly includes lines like "Mama told me that Santa is coming. At school we love to watch. At school we love to learn."

Suleman's rep also told ABC News that two more songs featuring the children will be coming out soon, and more could follow. 

According to ABC News, Suleman has had a rough year. She reportedly filed for bankruptcy earlier in the year, and is currently in rehab where she has been since October 23. 

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