Mom wants world to know how 'awesome' her kid is

Your kid may be awesome, but probably not as 'awesome' as this little girl from Alaska.

One mom is reportedly trying to legally change her daughter's middle name from Contea to Awesome.

She says this idea didn't just come out of nowhere, but that the name came from a naming process they started before the 1-year-old was born.

According to Good Morning America , the family thought about giving their daughter a 'D' name to complement their son's name, Dominic, but that naming her Danger (like the son had hoped) didn't really work out for obvious reasons.

They then came up with the name 'Awesome' but figured she would get teased- that is until she actually grew into a really 'awesome' young lady.

According to the family, Good Morning America says the family's friends and relatives are excited about the possibility of the official name change and that some already call her Awesome.

The hearing to determine whether the name change can happen is scheduled for July 7.

If all goes as planned, Viviana Awesome will be the most 'awesome' kid in Alaska...or the whole world.


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