Military veterans say RB DeAngelo Williams gave first class seat to fake Marine

This is why we can’t have nice things.

First, the heartwarming story of a nation rallying around a young dog attack victim turns sour after allegations of a hoax. Now, the uplifting tale of a sports star giving up his first class seat to a military veteran is tainted by concerns that the pictured Marine is a fake.

Earlier this week, Carolina Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams swapped places with a man he believed was a decorated soldier.

But after the photograph of that unidentified man made the rounds, bona fide members of the military started speaking up.

“I'm gonna be honest here. He looks like a ‘faker’. I'm a Marine and he is wearing his cover indoors. NO MARINE WEARS THEIR COVER INDOORS,” Justin Amos posted on the football player’s Facebook page, “Something is fishy DeAngelo Williams, don't give up your seat to him!”

Other veterans found more problems with the way the man wore his uniform.

The website compiled the problems, from the order of his Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart to wearing Dress Blue Alpha uniform at the airport.

The writer also featured a photograph by a real Marine who confronted the same man at an airport in the Philippines when he thought he’d spotted a poser.

Fortunately, no one faults Williams. In fact, they applaud his patriotism and hope one case of “stolen valor” doesn’t keep others from showing their support of soldiers in similar ways.



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