Man starts Kickstarter campaign, raises $15,000 to make potato salad

Would you donate money to an internet user asking for help making potato salad?

As it turns out, a recent Kickstarter to fund one man's side dish made him enough to make a batch- and then some.

According to ABC News , Zack Brown created a Kickstarter project online to raise $10 for potato salad. It was a joke, of course, but others seemed to like his plan.

In fact, Brown was able to raise more than $15,000 from 2,000 people in a matter of days, leading others to wonder why anyone would contribute to such a thing.

Brown told ABC News that he created the project because he “really wanted to make potato salad, but am not at a point in my life where I could assume that level of risk.”

As he began to receive more and more money, Brown added to his Kickstarter campaign, letting followers know that he would use the money to buy "better mayonnaise (from the natural foods section)," to create a live video of potato salad and more.

With the thousands of dollars raised, Brown plans to create some type of potato salad recipe book and even hold a potato salad party, according to ABC.

On the Kickstarter page, Brown responded to one contributor saying that if he reached $3,000, the whole internet would be invited to his party.

Brown wants his contributors to pitch in and give ideas on what he should do and create with the funding.

“I’m so overwhelmed by the awesome power of the Internet,” Brown told ABC News, accepting the joke and his success. “I am honored to be in the position I'm in.”

There are still 25 days left for individuals to donate and the project to be funded even further.

Kickstarter and other crowdfunding websites are most often used for larger projects and startup companies hoping to raise money in order to create products, documentaries and other services.

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