Man serenades his cows with Lorde's 'Royal'

WICHITA, KS - How do you attract a herd of cows? A farmer in Wichita, Kan. found an innovative and modern way to call his herd home.

A man on YouTube who goes by the name of Farmer Derek Klingenberg uploaded a video of him on Sunday where he's seen sitting in a chair with his cowboy hat on, playing Lorde’s “Royal” on his trombone in the early morning.

The four-minute video shows an open field as the man starts the first verse, but around the 48-second mark, black figurines are seen walking towards him. By the time the song kicks into the chorus, the cattle can be seen making their way towards the man.

After about three minutes into the tune, the music is joined by a chorus of moos as they stand feet away from him. In the background, even more cows are seen running in.

Did this video moo-ve you as much as it moo-ved us?  

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