Man selling testicles for $20,000: Rafael Medina Brochero tries to fund trip by selling testicles

The lengths to which a Columbian poet is going to fund a trip may shock you.

Artist Rafael Medina Brochero is pawning his 52-year-old "family jewels" to help fund a tour through Europe while partaking in "Poetry for Peace in Colombia", according to a report from .

Brochero told the site that he is selling is manhood for $20,000 and is ready for the first offer.

The move has many wondering "Why?" Brochero told that he had a bad experience during a 2012 South American tour where he became broke and had to sell his wedding ring. He doesn't want that to happen when he ventures off to Europe.

He says his man card is worth the price.

So, what would you do with a used pair of testicles?

Brochero told Yahoo! Australia that he hopes they can be used to help a man who needs them more than he does, or to be used in soup.

Read more in the Huffington Post.

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