Makeup company Dermablend's 'Camo Confessions' videos go viral on YouTube (VIDEO)

Makeup and clothing companies have been under fire for advertising models and products that are seemingly too perfect, but one company is embracing beauty through perfection and flaws alike.

Dermablend Professional launched a series of YouTube videos profiling some of their makeup users. The videos, called 'Camo Confessions,' are known for “empowering consumers,” according to Yahoo.

People suffering from skin pigment issues, severe acne, scarring and other skin problems bare their faces to tell their stories. Instead of hiding behind a mask of heavy makeup and foundation, they use it as a form of expression.

These videos are inspiring, mainly because Dermablend found that 60 percent of Americans have a skin condition or issue that they want to cover up.

Because so many people can relate to the content in the videos, they have quickly become popular and gone viral.

A company spokesperson told Yahoo that Camo Confessions has created a community where consumers can have confidence and “find strength in each other.” 

Dermablend has a popular position with media consumers and celebrities alike who agree that people should embrace their physical traits.

Singer Lorde recently reminded her Twitter followers that it's OK to not be perfect after she tweeted real and retouched photos of herself.

View more of Dermablend's Camo Confession videos on their YouTube channel.

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