Maine girl Abbie Jacobson returns lost $4,000, scores Justin Bieber tickets

A young girl in Maine who returned lost money ended up getting a nice surprise for her good deed, according to a Wednesday report.

Abbie Jacobson, 8, found $4,000 on a sidewalk by Sam's Club in April, according to an article on .

She reportedly became sad when she spotted the money coming out of a small purse and her family gave the money to police while leaving their phone number with a bank.

While Abbie never expected a reward, her third grade teacher told her class on the first day of school and her classmates applauded her, according to the article.

A reporter later asked Abbie what she would have done with that amount of money and the girl explained she would see a Justin Bieber concert.

The article said a story discussing Abbie's good deed grabbed the attention of John Everets, a bank CEO, and Everets granted her wish by getting concert tickets for the sold-out show for the family.

The owners of the money were contacted by the credit union and invited the family to lunch. Read more.

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