Lifelike embalming positions a new funeral trend

Funeral and after-death plans are getting a little more extravagant for some, according to ABC News .

A recent trend shows some individuals getting embalmed in ways that are more personalized and celebrate their life more accurately.

Instead of the common cremation or casket burial, some families have chosen to have their loved ones posed in order to keep their hobbies and personalities alive.

ABC News briefly tells the story of an 83-year-old party girl who was embalmed to look as if she was sitting at a party with a glass of champagne. Her "set" included a bright feather boa, patterned outfit, decorative benches and decor.

Other stories include man who was an avid boxer during life, posed standing like a boxer in the ring, complete with a hood and boxing gloves.

Another man was posed, riding on a motorcycle.

An embalmer told ABC that in doing these types of "extreme embalmings," as ABC put it, they would have to have different mixtures of fluid so the body would stay stiff in a more upright position.

This trend, which is a little reminiscent of taxidermy animals, has been going on publicly  for at least a few years, but seems to be gaining popularity.

An ABC video from 2012 shows a a jazz musician standing with instruments at his funeral.


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