Leonardo Granato, artist in Argentina, paints with his tear ducts (VIDEO)

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina - An artist in South America is creating his work in a unique way.

Leonardo Granato, 27, works in a studio in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, the capitol of Argentina.

When he paints Granato sucks pigment into his nose and then paints the canvas using his eyes' tear ducts.

WARNING: Video may be disturbing to some viewers

Granato calls his painting technique "teardrop" painting and he said he has been working on the skills for more than three years.

The artist said that everyone's nasolacrimal ducts are interconnected and his gift is that his duct is particularly powerful.

The safety of pigments is of great importance. Granato's pigments are made from plants, so they will not harm his body, nor will they cause discomfort during the painting process.

Granato has taken a great deal of time researching these particular pigments and he also goes to the hospital for regular examinations to make sure they are safe to use.

He usually has a draft worked out in his mind before he begins to paint.

Granato's works have received attention in Argentina and he also won certification from the British Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

His artwork is not cheap, with large pieces selling for 7,000 U.S. dollars.

To prove the works of art were painted using the teardrop technique, Granato often attaches the video footage of his painting process with the pieces.

Granato is currently preparing for a charity auction which will be held next year. He said the money will be donated to a children's cancer hospital.

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