Last minute gifts for Mom that give back

It's not too late to give your mother an unforgettable gift for Mother's Day ... and you can do it all online.

When you were a child, your mother probably cherished crayon pictures and construction paper flowers. But now that you are all grown up, store-bought flowers and candy may not fully express your adult gratefulness.

Here at Team CNN Impact we want you to capture the love for your mom in a way that also gives something back. You can truly make an impact for your mother and moms everywhere.


Nothing says love like livestock. Maybe that's not how the saying goes but in some developing countries, a goat can change a mother's life by providing her children with milk, cheese and yogurt. Goats can also provide income with offspring and dairy products to sell.

Through World Vision, you can buy a goat for $100 and your mom gets a little stuffed "Gertie the Goat" and a card. You're not bringing home an actual goat for Mother's day but you may actually impress your mom by being so caring to other moms. You will definitely be her favorite after a gift like this.


Your birth probably went pretty well or if it didn't, at least you're all grown up now, thanks to your mom. But some mothers around the world need a little help. The International Rescue Committee has a Mother's Day gift catalog with offerings like a safe delivery. For $24, you can give a mother in need critical supplies and an IRC-trained midwife to make childbirth safer.

You can also provide a mother-to-be in places like Jordan or Lebanon the medical support she needs to keep herself and her baby healthy. A gift of prenatal and maternal care for just $52 can save many mothers and babies.


This is the gift that YOU can keep giving all year. Contact USA is a network of crisis intervention centers across the country. It's a phone hotline or online chat staffed by volunteers who go through a training program. The volunteers are just a phone call away for anyone who is depressed, despairing or contemplating suicide.

According to Contact USA, the hotline is popular with moms who have older children. If you were a tough teenager or you didn't leave home until your were in your 30s, it's payback time. Dedicate your volunteer time on the hotline to your Mom. She will be so proud.


Hopefully your mom won't take this the wrong way, but get her a fitbit. Tell her you want her to be healthy, get in her 10,000 steps a day and help other moms stay healthy, too.

In the month of May you can order your mother a Red Flex Fitbit from from and $10 goes to to the American Heart Association's "Go Red for Women" campaign. All orders come with a Mother's Day card telling recipients their gift is coming soon. Heart disease is the number one killer of women and you can get your mom in step to beat it!


The news of the kidnapped schoolgirls in Nigeria has inspired even the First Mom to take a stand for girls education.

#BringBackOurGirls is motivating people everywhere to take a stand. The CNN film "Girl Rising" aired last year, but it has inspired a way you can take action on behalf of your mother for Nigerian girls. The "Girl Rising" Nigerian Action Pack has tangible ways you can help right now.

Chances are your mom grew up in a time when she was expected to get married and have kids, to have you. Now women and girls have many more options, but not everywhere. Not even now. For your mother and for women everywhere, make an impact this Mother's Day and go to

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