Krispy Kreme crazy order: Jackie Braun accepts Jia Jiang's Olympic doughnut request

AUSTIN, TX - A man trying to overcome a fear of rejection was surprised when a worker at a doughnut shop in Texas accepted a crazy request, according to a Monday report. said Jia Jiang went into a Krispy Kreme in Austin and asked the worker, Jackie Braun, for five doughnuts linked together and colored to look like the Olympic symbol.

While Jiang was reportedly just hoping for a "no" so he could leave, the worker spent time contemplating how she could help fulfill his specialized order, which he wanted in 15 minutes.

She came out 15 minutes later with a box containing the creation, but she did not charge Jiang for it because she said it wasn't exactly how he wanted it, according to the article. She reportedly said it was the best she could do in 15 minutes.

Now Jiang wants the worker to get a promotion and even created a Facebook page for the cause.

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