Jeopardy! controversial winner Arthur Chu returns and wins again

A controversial winner on the game show Jeopardy! was back on the air Monday and this time he not only won again, his two opponents ended up with nothing.

Arthur Chu, 30, has attracted criticism for his tactics of randomly playing different categories, searching for the "Daily Doubles" and often choosing high-stakes answers first, unlike most contestants who work their way from top-to-bottom in one category before moving to the next one.

"I can understand it's less pleasant to watch," Chu told earlier this month of his tactics that utilize "game theory" economics, "but the producers weren't paying me to make the show pleasant to watch. If you were playing for fun, you could talk about poor sportsmanship, but within the rules, it's about winning. If you don't like it, change the rules."

Chu, an aspiring actor, won his first four "Jeopardy!" appearances last month. But he's been off the air for several weeks while Jeopardy! held two special tournaments - the Battle of the Decades and College Championship.

Monday, Chu returned in a pre-taped episode where he found two of the three "Daily Double" bets and won his fifth straight game for a total of $123,600.

By the time the "Final Jeopardy!" question rolled around, Chu had more than four times the winnings of his nearest opponent. So it didn't matter when he lost a $10,000 bet on the category, "19th Century People," failing to peg John Brown as the subject of admiration in a Frederick Douglass quote.

Both of Chu's opponents also answered incorrectly, and each bet all their money, ending the game with zero.

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