Is learning cursive handwriting important for students?

More school districts across the U.S. are debating the importance of learning cursive handwriting.

This week, the Kansas State Board of Education began discussing the role of cursive in school curriculums.

Under Kansas' newly-adopted Common Core Standards for English, teaching cursive is not required and school districts are to emphasize keyboard proficiency.

The state has not mandated the skill be taught in classrooms for a while.

The school board voted to talk about it again next month, according to CNN.

Some districts in Arizona, Hawaii, Indiana, Florida, and North Carolina have also reportedly stopped teaching cursive writing.

Some say cursive isn't necessary anymore with the rise of technology, while others disagree.

Yahoo! reported that studies show students excel more on tests when they know cursive because they can write down their thoughts quickly.

Do you think cursive should still be mandatory curriculum in the classroom?

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