Is it true? 'No ice water for dogs' post online scaring pet owners

You may have seen a blog post titled "NO ICE WATER FOR DOGS ... PLEASE READ ASAP" pop up on your Facebook feed in the last few days. If you have a dog at home, you may have clicked on the post and been terrified and/or guilty about endangering your furry friend.

Fear no more: The seemingly science-based Facebook post about a dog that develops bloat after ingesting ice water on a hot day should not cause pet owners undue concern, WXMI reports.

Dr. Randall Carpenter, DMV of Family Friends Veterinary Hospital, said there is some risk of dehydrated dogs developing bloat after drinking huge amounts of water.

But that risk is the same for any temperature of liquid, and on a hot day, ice cold water can be a good thing.

“Ice cubes and cold water are fine for pets as long as it’s done with some common sense,” Carpenter said.

Carpenter said he's seen the article circulate online since 2007 and while bloat is a dangerous condition for pets, it will not be caused by adding ice to a pet's water alone.

When a dog's stomach is filled with air, water or food, it may put pressure on other organs, according to the ASPCA website .

"Bloat" is often used to refer to a dangerous condition called gastric dilatation-volvulus, the causes of which are not certain. Risk factors include overeating and overdrinking, excessive exercise shortly after eating, a dry-food-only diet, stress and "fearful temperment."

Ice cubes are nowhere on the list.

The original blog post now leads with a disclaimer that acknowledges news stories' and's refutation of the information within. It provides information about bloat and the potential for dogs to develop the life-threatening condition through overdrinking.

CNN Newsource contributed to this report

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